Do you need a video to promote your business or services?

Or a video to feature on your homepage?

We can help and here’s how we do it:




This a where we start in the videography process, it’s the time to talk about the fundamentals and ask: ‘What do you want to accomplish with the video?  Who is your target audience? What message do you want to get across and on which platform?’

Your answers will shape the concept which in turn will reach your audience and advance your marketing goals.



This is one of the most important aspects of video production.

We will work with you to script and storyboard to help you visualise your finished video, way ahead of picking up the cameras.

This approach will ensure your story is told in the most engaging and aspirational way – on time and within budget.



‘Wait..I only want a few promo videos’.

We know, we are not making a full-length feature film here, but the same process is applied to every project.

Pre-production planning ensures a smooth delivery on the day of the shoot. So, if applicable, we will scout out a location and obtain the necessary permits to shoot.

We will brief the cast of the video and work closely with you to ensure the result is inline with your expectations. 

Laptop and schedule





The big day, the all important shoot! We understand that cameras and lighting can be quite daunting for some people and so we are sympathetic to that by creating a calm and relaxing filming environment.  Don’t worry, with all the work carried out during the first three steps, the shoot will be a breeze.



With the shoot complete its’ time for us to go back to the edit suite where we will combine all the raw footage to produce draft for your approval. From this point, we will use up to the minute industry editing software to complete the edit.



During this process, audio, voiceovers, colour grading, titles, graphics and branding are all applied to the edited footage as necessary. This is when the video truly comes together to tell your story, promote a product, or to showcase your services.



The video is completed and is in your hands to upload and distribute to your relevant channels. You may require the video in several file sizes, and landscape or portrait for mobile viewing we can help and guide you at this stage. Optimising the video to help SEO is also important so we consider adding the right content to the title, description and using captions when appropriate.

“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.”

– Robert Rodriguez – Film maker

Our videography offering includes:

Corporate videos  –  Provide an engaging human insight into a business’s ethos and core beliefs.

Educational videos  –  Create a more engaging sensory experience than traditional printed materials.

Promotional videos  –  Increase and improve online visibility.

Training, instructional and safety videos –  Increase information retention.

Product videos  –  Encourages buyer confidence.

Core services video – Allows the world to see exactly what a company does.

Corporate event and activity day videos  –  A fun way of showcasing a company’s culture.

Project case study videos  – Help to establish credibility within a company’s business sector.

A selection of some recent video projects

Trout’s Boatyard, Topsham, Devon

Services video 


Promotional Video

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