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The Ageing Warrior is an environmental organisation created by the author of ‘Why Have All The Animals Gone?’. The Ageing Warrior reminds us that ‘we need to act now because no one gets any younger’.  


The Brief

In line with the launch of ‘Why Have All The Animals Gone?’ the author wanted to create a website to feature the book whilst developing a platform to educate people about the environmental predicament our planet and its wildlife currently faces.

At this stage, the Ageing Warrior was still a concept and had no visual reference in terms of a logo, branding or website. The founder of The Ageing Warrior, therefore, approached Rockstone Media to implement a strong portrayal of her mission. 


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What did we do?

Concept, Logo & Branding

We delved into the concept of The Ageing Warrior and considered how to convey the serious meaning of its crucial message. This design process took us on quite a journey, with concepts of ‘warrior-type’ animals such as tigers and lions, settling on a warrior figure, leading endangered animals to a place of safety.

The author (and founder) required a natural and holistic design so the letters of The Ageing Warrior were made to look hand printed and weathered with the colour palette inspired by earthy clay colours.

The final logo was created in vector format allowing the logo to be scaled up or down to any size without losing resolution.  


Once the logo and colours were agreed upon, it was time to move on to the website build. By using a WordPress platform and WooCommerce plug in, we were able to create a website that was informative and educational.

We then implemented an ecommerce window using  for the book and t-shirts. Additionally, we provided WordPress training as the author wanted to write blogs on the topics covered in the book and so that she could update the page regularly.

The Results


The Ageing Warrior has now become well known within environmental organisations and establishments including Animals Asia.

The founder was really pleased with the logo / branding and we have since applied it to t-shirts, event posters, bookmarks and rubber stamps to go on envelopes and parcels.

The website is proving to be a useful platform for those who want to learn and find out more about the book and future events that are affiliated with The Ageing Warrior.


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