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The School Breathe online programme provides guided breathwork and mindfulness techniques, in bitesized video and audio formats, to help children learn effective and healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety.


The Brief

The School Breathe Online programme required over 40 breathwork videos which were to be sent to schools each week of the academic year. The videos needed to be easy to digest and understand and would feature breath coaches each presenting an exercise to the camera. The videos also needed subtitles to assist viewers with impaired hearing.

What did we do?

Video Production

We spent several days filming breath coaches at different locations across the UK including London, Bristol and Cardiff. Each video needed a consistency throughout, so a two-point camera set up was established using relaxing, holistic backgrounds featuring plants and neutral colours. The audio quality was critical so overhead boom mics were used along with clip on mics for speech clarity.


The videos were edited down into bite size versions with subtitles and professional studio audio levels. Some of the videos required colour grading and masking which we achieved using industry standard software.

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The Results


The School Breathe Online programme has to this day been a huge success with schools, who are playing the videos to pupils before lessons begin and throughout the day. The pupil and teacher response has been extremely positive:

The School Breathe programme has been extremely helpful for both pupils and staff at Sebright school. It has changed the way we think about how we prepare the pupils to learn and how we manage stress and anxiety. Staff and pupils enthusiastically take part in all the activities and we look forward to what new breathwork activities Aimee and her team prepare for us every week. I would highly recommend investing in the program.”

– James Green, Headmaster, Sebright School


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