If you’re wondering where to get started with video, a company overview video is a great place to start. This type of video is a general introduction to any business. They are generally short, ideally running from one to three minutes, just enough time to give the viewer a general overview of your brand.

By using a company overview video in your marketing strategy and featuring it on your website you are increasing your chances of retaining customers and website visitors. According to a Wyzowl survey:

‘Where both text and video are available on the same webpage, 69% of users would prefer to watch the video to learn about the product or service.’

You may have several ideas that you want to include in your company overview video, or maybe some new products you want to show? Before we look at what should be included in a company overview video let’s look at the benefits of making one.

The benefits of having a company overview video:

  1. Informs readers what your business is about and builds trust.

When you have an overview video in place, your company is showing its face or ‘shopfront’ to potential clients.  By offering a strong visual element to your digital marketing strategy it will make it easier for your customers to trust your business.

2. It helps you to effectively tell your company’s story quickly.

If you don’t engage your audience within the first ten seconds of them landing on your website, then you are almost certainly going to lose their attention and they will move on.  Our attention spans are getting shorter which means nobody is prepared to spend time reading about your company anymore. A company overview video will convey everything people need to know about your business, keeping them visually engaged and informed.

3. Social Media Awareness and Gain promote your brand among the public

It’s well known that videos gain more traction on social media than the average blog or photo post. A well-made company overview video can be easily shared and if it’s quirky it has the potential to go viral! Captioned or subtitled videos work best when creating videos for social media, because it means the audience can watch and engage with them without disturbing anyone else.

So now we have covered the benefits of a company overview video lest look at what should be included in this type of video. There are many ways and styles you can create them but an effective video should have four pieces of key information in.

  1. Products and Services

It’s more than likely that people are visiting your website trying to learn more about what products or services your business offers. So, the video should send a clear message about what products and services are being offered. It’s important to establish your most popular product lines and services and to clearly explain how you deliver solutions to solve your customers pain points.

2. Target Audience

A company overview video should attract your target audience. Are you selling B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer)? But isn’t that obvious? Well, not really, because some viewers may find your video on other platforms such as You Tube, Instagram, Linked In or Twitter which means they haven’t even seen your website. It’s important to assume that when you make a company overview video that your viewer knows nothing about your company. By doing this you will really drill down to focusing on your core products and services, eliminating any misleading messages or unnecessary information which will be lost on the viewer.

3. How and where?

The company overview video should communicate where people can go to make a product purchase or buy a service. If you are an online business, then you can direct visitors to a homepage or product page. If you have a physical location let people know about it, include  opening and closing times. Your contact details should be clear and easy to read and can be used as a call to action at the end of the video.

4. What makes you different?

You know what makes your company different, but do other people know what sets you apart from the competition? You may offer a next day delivery service or an excellent returns policy, whatever it is video will tell your story quickly and efficiently.

Another great addition to a company overview video is a customer testimonial because it shows a positive real-life experience.

Girl pointing 5 star review


There are several benefits and reasons why businesses should feature a company overview video and if you’re thinking of taking the plunge remember the pointers above. Engaging potential clients with video, early in the decision making process can really help to build traction which in turn can generate sales.

Content Is King, Distribution is Queen – Author: Andrea Febbraio